Guidelines & Rules

Before you leave home

Please ensure you bring the following:

1. Large towel for lying on.

2. Small towel to dry yourself. Please ensure the towels are spring clean.

3. Indoor shoes if needed (only worn in the studio and not outside).

4. Mask (optional).

5. Personal hand sanitiser (optional). It will be provided but if you wish to use frequently then please bring your own. 

6. Water bottle, preferably with a sports cap to prevent spillage. 

Arriving at the Studio

- Park as per normal.

- Please enter the main gate respecting the tennis players as you come to the studio.

- Acknowledge the guidelines on the blackboard at the entry point which are as follows:

1. Wait outside the main entrance on the steps until you are called into the studio. The door will be wedged open.

2. If you need to queue, stay behind the designated markers.

3. Upon entry, your temperature will be taken (if above 38 degrees you will be unable to attend).

4. Immediately sanitise your hands above the shoe rack and remove shoes as per normal. 

5. Move to your designated space/station. 

In the Studio

- Respect social distancing. Maintain 2M distance especially when exerted. 1M is the minimum. 

- Avoid facing other attendees especially when exerted.

- Do not yell or exert yourself unless absolutely necessary. 

- Use your large towel when lying down on the floor/bench. Also use the towel to prevent touching equipment when it is practical. 

- Avoid contact with any equipment unless you have been advised to use it. 

- All equipment will be thoroughly wiped down by your trainer when you have finished with it. 

Leaving the Studio/Tennis Club

When exiting the building, please respect social distancing and be mindful others could be entering through the same gate.