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Jason Tomlin


I’ve been a personal trainer at a reputable gym in Reigate since 2008. I became a level 3 certified personal trainer at the age of 19.

Since qualifying, I have developed into a respected, friendly and valued Personal Trainer, improving my knowledge and skills through personal research and by working with clients of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. 

It is quite simply, my passion.

That’s what drives my enthusiasm with my clients.


I am passionate about every aspect of exercise, and the one thing I love even more is helping others achieve that amazing feeling that you get from exercising.

I also have a passion for sport, not one sport but all sport. I love the way it brings people together, encourages a healthy lifestyle and most importantly is fun!


That’s why it’s fun working with me – an upbeat experience. Challenging – yes! But also full of banter, chat and motivation.

I set up Ergo Fitness in Reigate in August 2017 and have not looked back since. Watch out for the most modern and exciting ways to exercise in the area!

Miles Blay

I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2016 and started working at Ergo Fitness in September 2018. I am also a qualified black belt at kickboxing and compete to a high level nationally. I know what it means to train hard towards a goal, I believe that I can share this knowledge and experience with anyone willing to make a change to their lifestyle with exercise and diet. 

I love to cook as and experiment with ingredients to create a perfectly balanced meal depending on my needs. This involves satisfying my sweet tooth!

I train people of all ages and love nothing more than helping them achieve their goals. This is a profession that always changes and I like to bring new and creative ideas to my sessions whenever I can.


My passion for fitness began as a teenager when I qualified as a lifeguard in Reigate. In 2001 I joined the British Army as an infantry soldier, and after two years of service I became a Physical Training Instructor (P.E Teacher)

I trained soldiers in every aspect of military fitness from basic fitness tests to obstacle courses. I was also lucky enough to coach and participate in a variety of sports both in the UK and abroad, including boxing, swimming and more extreme sports such as sky diving and scuba diving.

In 2008 I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist, and chose to pursue my love of physical fitness outside of the armed forces in 2011, when I began working as a local freelance personal trainer in Reigate.

I enjoy working with people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. I keep up to date on the latest courses so that I can constantly challenge myself and my clients with new, exciting and varied training.

If you need extra motivation and are willing to give your best, get in touch.

With your full commitment, I promise to get you to your goal(s) as quickly and safely as possible. I work flexible hours Monday – Friday, some weekends, for one to one personal training.


Minimum 1hr sessions only.


Total Tone is a class dedicated to strengthening & toning your entire body. Wanting to tone up and actually doing it are two very different things, muscle activation is key!


In the class you will learn how to engage the muscles you are working to ensure maximum efficiency and results. 


We will do this dominantly using your body weight and I guarantee you there is no better way to activate so many muscle groups at once.  Prepare to learn something EVERY week.

Personal Training Gym 

Fitness Studio for Private Classes


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