Personal Training Prices

Pay Monthly

The Cheapest Option - the more you do the cheaper it becomes!

£152 per month

1x45 minute PT per week 

£192 per month

1x1 hour PT per week

£299 per month

2x1 hour PT per week

Pay Monthly Group PT

Bases on two people sharing PT

£110 per month, per person

1x1 hour shared PT per week

£182 per month, per person

2x1 hour shared PT per week

£220 per month, per person

3x1 hour shared PT per week

Pay as you go & Blocks

£55 per hour

1 hour PT

£30 per hour, per person

1 hour shared PT (2 people sharing)


10x1 hour PT (saving £75)

£275 per person

10x1 hour shared PT (saving £50 each)

Are you keen to get started, or possibly just ask a few questions? 

Contact Jason by phone or e-mail using the links below

Personal Training Gym 

Fitness Studio for Private Classes


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