8 types of class

13 classes each week

Adapted to suit all fitness levels

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Our ski fit classes will have you ready and raring to sift through that fresh powder this winter. We will ensure that every ski muscle is targeted (there are more than you think) and replicate some of the ways we move when on the slopes. This will leave your mind and body well prepared to tackle those slopes.


Pilates is for everyone. Your deep core muscles are vital for supreme health of your spine, posture, pelvis and quite frankly your entire body. 

Almost every movement we produce entails using our deep core muscles and we often don't know it.

Pilates at Ergo will teach you how to engage your pelvic floor correctly, ensure you breathe effectively and help you become stronger and more confident in your body than ever.


Each class will have effective progressions for everyone to ensure that you are working to what we know is your capable level. This is what separates us from everyone else, our attention to each class member. 


We will carefully and effectively help you mobilise and strengthen your back. I have increasingly been struck by how poor posture and under-developed back strength can  inhibit the way we train, as well as impact on our everyday lives. 


Poor posture is common as few people know how to address it. It can cause both major and minor injury to the back, neck, shoulders, hips and even your knees and feet. Let's improve that! Walk tall!


One of the best ways to get an all round workout in a short period of time.


You will learn to work every muscle in your body for short bursts, which will be followed by a brief rest period allowing you to recover for the next set. HIIT is for everyone!


Whichever exercise you are doing will always have a way of making it easier or harder allowing anyone to take part.


You could be new to exercise or an experienced athlete, either way, you'll get huge benefits from taking part.


Total Tone is a class dedicated to strengthening & toning your entire body. Wanting to tone up and actually doing it are two very different things, muscle activation is key!


In the class you will learn how to engage the muscles you are working to ensure maximum efficiency and results. 


We will do this dominantly using your body weight and I guarantee you there is no better way to activate so many muscle groups at once.  Prepare to learn something EVERY week.


Your core is vital to the high majority of every movement that we produce. This doesn't just consist of your 'abs' but other muscles groups like your lower back, glutes and shoulder blades.


In core galore we aim to work each of these muscle groups to make sure your entire trunk is building strength and mobility. 

Think Pilates sped up with a little more intensity!


We run through a large variation of exercises especially for those booty muscles! The glutes play a vital part in how our body works and they are more often than not underatcive and weak.


LBT will leave you knowing you've worked that lower body whilst being more aware of how to activate and isolate your quads, glutes, hamstrings and core muscles.