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John Arnold

I receive Personal Training on a weekly basis with an exercise plan in the gym to follow during the week. I receive encouragement throughout the week by email and Jason is always contactable. Jason is realistic about what can be achieved and won’t set unachievable targets. He is flexible, very firm with his regime and ultimately he is motivated by helping others to achieve their goal. I have learned things with him that I haven’t heard in 30 years of going to gyms and having personal trainers.


10KG weight loss

Strength and flexibility increased

Training with Ergo: 6 Years

Diane Cobain

Jason is a great Personal Trainer. His knowledge of food, sport and motivation is second to none. He takes this knowledge into his classes as well as his personal training sessions. He makes keeping fit fun and exciting. Easy to talk to, friendly and offers a warm welcome to everyone in the gym. What more could you ask for? I would thoroughly recommend him and Ergo Fitness to anyone keen to get their fitness journey started. 


Huge strength improvements whilst managing Osteoporosis. 

Completed numerous runs and hikes.

Training with Ergo: 9 Years

Alicia Wade

“Jason has made the gym fun again!!! I have been working out for years and the gym has just been getting a bit boring and I just wasn’t seeing any results anymore. Jason has introduced me to a whole new way of training and continues to show me new and fun excercises! He has helped me with my diet too and now not only am I seeing results again I am now looking forward to going to the gym. Jason is a great personal trainer who never fails to impress. Lastly, but not least, the classes are great fun with extremely friendly people making you feel very welcome.”


Lost 25KG (over 5 stone)

Deadlift 60KG

Completed Triathlon

Training with Ergo: 4 Years

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