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The beautiful snowy mountain scenery, crisp fresh air and that lovely noise as you sift through the fresh powder.

What makes the skiing even more enjoyable is if you are physically & mentally well prepared. Whether it's your first time or you are already an experienced skier who can whizz down the mountain at 100mph, you can always be stronger, more flexible and therefore ready to take on those gorgeous but challenging pistes.

 What will the class involve?


  • A specific dynamic warm-up for those skiing muscles. Very important to do these EVERY day before you hit the slopes 

  • A series of strengthening exercises that will target all of your skiing muscles (there's more than you realise)

  • Ski-specific exercises that are not just based on strengthening but also the technique itself

  • Mobilising exercises that will ensure you are feeling loose and nimble as you head down your first slope

  • Post ski stretches which will be great to use after each day on the slopes.


Who is it for?


  • Anyone keen to get ready for their ski trip

  • Those wanting to tone up and strengthen dominantly in their legs, butt & core

  • You don't actually have to have a ski trip planned!

  • The class will be tailored to EVERYONE. As always at ergo we adapt our exercises and routines to make them suitable for who you are and what you can manage. 





Let's face it, we all know someone who has broken or pulled something when skiing. It happens. Can I guarantee that the class will prevent this? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But, the stronger and more prepared your body is for dashing down those mountains, the less likely you are going to injure yourself. 

If you already have a bad knee/hip/back whatever it is, don't think the class is not for you. All exercises can be adapted to you. 






Monday - 9 am or 7 pm

Friday - 9 am


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