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Dame Kelly Holmes comes to Ergo Fitness in Reigate

Kelly had her strength and flexibility tested in one of my Parallettes classes, she didn't disappoint!

Ergo had the pleasure of having double Olympic gold medalist, Dame Kelly Holmes join in our Parallettes class on Wednesday morning. Kelly was doing a " Join in June " promotion through Instragram. This involved getting her followers to post "a shout out" video to entice her to join their fitness classes, throughout June. On Sunday, with only 30 minutes before the England match, this is what my dedicated group put together:

Cheesy, I know , but it clearly worked. We received notification within two days that Kelly would be attending the Wednesday morning class. Huge excitement in the ERGO camp! Double Olympic Champion coming to one of our classes!

Team Ergo did not let me down! Kelly was very impressed! We had a very strong and impressive team.

Kelly was a pleasure to train. As we expected she is very strong, and hence she made most of the exercises look somewhat easy. However, where flexibility was required, she was challenged. We all have our weaknesses!


Parallettes classes are hard to find anywhere in the country, let alone locally. Please come and try out a class, your first one is Free! Parallettes offer so many benefits!


Strengthen and Tone your Upper Body and Core

Teach to connect your muscle groups to work together

Build on your new skills each week. Progression is faster than you think.

Improve flexibility

Increase wrist strength and mobility (an area we often neglect)

That is a lot of benefits for such a small set of bars!

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